adaptive cruise control

Relaxing and convenient on long journeys: adaptive cruise control can even be used on busy roads and heavy traffic.

With adaptive cruise control you feel more relaxed, even in heavy traffic.

The system uses a special radar sensor to measure the distance to the vehicle ahead and controls the speed, ensuring it does not exceed the set value. In addition, adaptive cruise control automatically maintains a constant distance to the vehicle ahead.

A signal is automatically given if the driver’s intervention is required to sufficiently brake the vehicle.

The driver can choose between four distance programs, adjusting the system’s dynamics to suit his or her requirements: the available programs are Distance 1 (sporty), Distance 2 and 3 (standard) and Distance 4 (comfortable).

Even when adaptive cruise control is activated, the driver is still responsible for monitoring the car’s speed and the distance from the vehicle in front. The adaptive cruise control does not respond to stationary obstacles or to approaching vehicles.
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