Common rail system

Common rail, as the name suggests, is a shared fuel line. The rail is an accumulator supplied by a pump, which maintains the fuel at a pressure of up to 2000 bar – which is equivalent to the weight of a luxury saloon on the space of one square centimetre.

The common rail system permits a particularly consistent, smooth and efficient combustion process.

Thanks to the high pressure and the very fine bore diameter of only one tenth of a millimetre in the nozzles, the injectors in the common rail system achieve very fine atomisation of the fuel. This provides an excellent, homogeneous mixture preparation and ensures extremely efficient combustion, which in turn results in enormous power, low emissions and low consumption.
quattro® with sport differential reinforces the inimitable quattro feeling

Vehicles tend to understeer when turning into and moving through bends. This is a normal physical process: a moving body resists a change in direction. The elastic tyres and the suspension mounts tense up until the vehicle adopts the new direction. When accelerating into a bend, the load on the front axle is reduced and it can therefore transfers less lateral force to the tyres – the vehicle understeers. This tendency is largely counteracted with the sport differential on the rear axle. This is because a superposition unit with two gear stages has been added to the quattro rear-axle differential on the left and right. These ensure that the individual wheels on the rear axle receive different levels of drive torque. The effect: the propulsive power “forces” the car into the bend so that it follows the angle of the front wheels.
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