TDI clean diesel

The Audi TDI clean diesel represents the optimum exhaust gas aftertreatment technology that is currently possible in series production.

The accustomed economy of the TDI® and the efficient minimising of emissions by the ultra low emission system result in an economical and clean-running powerplant.

Audi TDI clean diesel with a nitrogen oxide catalytic converter based on a selective catalytic reduction system offers a range of functions:

In and on the engine, an enhanced common rail injection system with an injection pressure of 2,000 bar, innovative combustion chamber pressure sensors that continuously deliver precise information on the combustion process, further optimised turbocharging and a high-performance exhaust gas recirculation system ensure highly efficient combustion.

Hot gases coming from the engine are first directed through the close-coupled oxidising catalytic converter. Here, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are converted into carbon dioxide and water. In the next step, the gases reach the diesel particulate filter. Here, the particles are removed from the gas flow and are collected in the filter structure. At regular intervals, the filter regenerates itself and the carbon particles are burnt off.

To reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to a minimum, the final stage takes place: after it leaves the particulate filter, a 32.5 per cent water-based urea solution (AdBlue®*) is injected into the gas flow. In the hot exhaust system, this is converted into ammonia and water.

The Audi TDI clean diesel system will be further optimised in the future and will consequently achieve an even greater reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. This will however increase the consumption of AdBlue, and the AdBlue supply will have to be topped up once between service intervals.

It will not be possible to start the car if the reservoir is empty! For this reason, a warning will appear in the instrument panel 2,400 km beforehand, drawing attention to the limited range.

We recommend having the reservoir refilled at an Audi dealership. Alternatively, the customer can do this using a Kruse bottle. The reservoirs are filled via a filler pipe, directly next to the diesel filler cap.
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