This automatic is so convenient that it even lets you change gear yourself. With tiptronic, which features up to eight gears depending on the Audi model in question, all gear changes are executed with only minimal interruption to the power flow.

The tiptronic® is a geared automatic transmission that permits spontaneous gear changes at any time.

The Dynamic Shift Program (DSP) adapts to the driver’s individual driving style and independently determines the optimum shift point. In a second shift gate (tiptronic gate), tiptronic also allows the driver to intervene manually in the automatic mode. This allows downshifting on a winding stretch of mountain road to increase the engine braking effect for instance, or a decidedly sporty driving style. The additional sport program, with later shift points, permits a sportier driving style in automatic mode. All gear shifts are executed very smoothly and rapidly. This enhances the driving dynamics.

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